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As a new FreedomSoft license-holder, you have the world's first & only push-button real estate investing software at your fingertips. But for those who want to supercharge their success and leapfrog the learning curve, we are going to personally hold your hand and walk you through the entire process of setting up your new virtual business with our 1-on-1 Rapid Success Program!

Within the next few weeks, you'll have two private (one-on-one) phone strategy sessions with one of our Personal Success Coaches.

Your Personal Success Coach will guide you through the process of buying & selling houses via FreedomSoft from beginning to end, regardless of your money, credit, or experience level. In other words… we'll train you hands-on, personally to become a FreedomSoft "Jedi Knight" with a 10th degree black belt on top!

But here's the thing… we only have capacity to personally mentor 40 members each month. We currently have
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Each of your sessions is tailored to fit your exact goals, experience level & local market conditions, but here's a brief overview of what's typically covered…

Session 1 - FreedomSoft Setup & Optimization

  • FreedomSoft software walkthrough
  • Game planning goals, motivations, & expectations
  • Optimizing your lead generation websites
  • Customizing FreedomSoft to you & your life
  • Using FreedomSoft Instant Leads to find sellers

Session 2 - Ramping Up & Crushing It

  • Getting & using money for your deals
  • Automating your offers with FreedomSoft OfferBot
  • Opening the lead floodgates with FreedomSoft Direct Mail On-Demand
  • Working with private lenders (the simple way!) with FreedomSoft Private Lender Leads Daily
  • Working with cash buyers (the profitable way!) with FreedomSoft Cash Buyer Leads Daily
  • Selling houses (the fast way!) with FreedomSoft Syndicator
  • CASHING IN! the fun part

We can speed things up & cover even more topics, or we can slow things down ... whatever we need to do to help you be successful.

If you're a seasoned real estate pro, the 1-on-1 Rapid Success Program will help you transition your business from the stone age to the FreedomSoft Age.

If you've never made a single dollar in real estate yet, the 1-on-1 Rapid Success Program is simply a must-have!

Try getting personal help like this from any other real estate investing system on earth… they'll charge you THOUSANDS.

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